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About Me

I am a problem solving scientist with a rare ability to turn around stalled projects for difficult markets while identifying and multiplying my team’s talents

I have nine-years of experience directing and leading thermal-technology research to support climate resilience and improve human health. From heating and cooking appliances to biofuels for airplanes, my goal is to help burn our resources cleaner.


I thrive in difficult situations and bring projects to success by creating productive environments that elevate my team’s talents. As the Department Deputy for the Building and Industrial Applications Department, I support development of annual strategic plan, help manage staff, and organize annual strategic retreats.

My previous experience includes designing and conducting experiments to support residential appliance and energy standards, investigating novel combustion techniques for improving efficiency and reducing emissions of internal combustion engines, and characterizing performance of biofuels. Prior to Berkeley Lab, I conducted thermal and stress analysis in industry using finite element methods on primary flight control actuators for the Boeing 787 and other commercial aircraft.

Visit the links below to learn more about my research facilities.

Reacting Flow Applications Lab
Biomass Stoves Lab



University of California, Berkeley

Ph.D. in Mechanical Engineering


Univeristy of Utah

M.S. in Mechanical Engineering


Univeristy of Utah

B.S. in Mechanical Engineering, cum laude

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