About Me

I am a problem-solving Research Scientist who advances technology, software and data analysis to improve human health. I lead and direct research on low-carbon combustion technologies at Lawrence Berkeley National Laboratory. My current research includes:

  • developing new low-emissions technologies for residential heating and distributed energy generation

  • leveraging machine learning to identify bio-derived molecules that can improve air quality and public health

  • advancing technologies for the developing world -- biomass cookstoves and a low-cost, robust warmer for preventing neonatal hypothermia; and

  • evaluating opportunities for implementing and improving district energy and combined heat and power systems.


Previously, I implemented combustion safety diagnostics into industry standards for mitigating health risk when improving energy performance of residential buildings and investigated novel techniques for improving engine efficiency and reducing emissions of advanced internal combustion engines. My engine related research included (1) investigating a hydrogen-oxygen-argon internal combustion engine, and (2) characterizing performance of alternative, renewable fuels and biofuels in spark-ignited (SI) and homogenous charged compression ignition (HCCI) engines.


Prior to my life of research, I conducted thermal and stress analysis in industry using finite element methods on primary flight control actuators for the Boeing 787 and other commercial aircraft.

Reacting Flow Applications Lab
Biomass Stoves Lab



University of California, Berkeley

Ph.D. in Mechanical Engineering


Univeristy of Utah

M.S. in Mechanical Engineering


Univeristy of Utah

B.S. in Mechanical Engineering, cum laude

Outreach and Service

ETHOS Conference


Promotes and supports advancement of clean biomass cookstoves through the Engineers in Technical and Humanitarian Opportunities of Service (ETHOS) Conference

Western States Section of the Combustion Institute


Support and organize activities related to the Western States Section of the Combustion Institute (WSSCI)

Women Scientists & Engineers Council


Promote diversity and inclusion and serve as point of contact to the Energy Storage and Distributed Resources Division at Berkeley Lab

Cyclotron Road


Lend technical expertise and experience by providing guidance for selecting potential award recipients