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  • Vi Rapp

R&D 100 Professional Team of the Year Award!

I am excited to announce that the Energy Management Systems Team received the R&D 100 Professional Team of the Year Award from R&D World, which is partially funded by DOE's Industrial Efficiency and Decarbonization Office.

As stated in the Berkeley Lab announcement, the team received the award for "for its ongoing international efforts to advance energy management business practices in the commercial, manufacturing, and institutional sectors. The team has collectively built on each other’s strengths to make a profound impact in their respective fields. By leveraging their diverse academic and personal backgrounds, the team has created a technical program that reaches people working in all sectors of the economy. The team has published international standards, conducted original research, delivered technical assistance to organizations globally, developed professional workforce certification programs, and partnered with private and public sector organizations to accelerate the deployment of energy management business practices."

Congrats to the LBNL Energy Management Systems Team!!

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