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Practical design considerations for secondary air injection in wood-burning cookstoves

Congrats to Julien on getting this article published!

In this study, we use a modular cookstove platform to experimentally quantify the practical secondary air injection design requirements to reduce mass emissions of particulate matter (PM), carbon monoxide (CO), and black carbon (BC) by at least 90% relative to a traditional cooking fire.Using the experimental data, we demonstrate that low-cost (<$10) fans and blowers are available to drive the secondary flow and can be independently powered using an inexpensive thermoelectric generator mounted nearby. Furthermore, size-resolved PM measurements show that secondary air injection inhibits particle growth, but the total number of particles generated remains relatively unaffected. We discuss the potential impacts for human health and investigate methods to mitigate the PM formation mechanisms that persist.

For the full text (which is open access) follow this link:

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